Armstrong Aerospace has extensive experience with the structural design of small, medium and large radome installations in support of satellite antenna connectivity.

Armstrong Aerospace has developed installation designs for several aircraft cabin-mounted Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s) inclusive of mounting provisions and routing and clamping.

Armstrong Aerospace specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom, pre-wired avionics rack solutions for retrofit installations.

Armstrong Aerospace has successfully designed and installed customized control panels in both the flight deck and passenger cabin.

Armstrong Aerospace has created installation solutions for in-seat power systems and in-seat monitors in support of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems.

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Armstrong Aerospace is an innovative aviation engineering, design and manufacturing company that upgrades aircraft with new technology. We have successfully installed WiFi internet, 802.11n wireless access points, mobile phones, satellite TV, and inflight video as well as navigation, communication and flight safety upgrades.

Our customers can expect a passion and approach to problem solving, design, and certification that leads to reduced cost, shorter installation times, and FAA and foreign certification approval.

Armstrong Aerospace is proud to be serving the aviation community since 1996!

  • Design

    Our design objective is to minimize cost, maintain schedule and guarantee minimized installation times, which directly translates into operational savings…
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  • Certification

    Armstrong Aerospace engineers and staff have an extensive understanding of regulatory agency certification practices.
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  • Analysis

    Our in-house aircraft structural engineers provide the design and analyses requisite to maintain aircraft airworthiness.
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  • Kits

    Our engineers and staff work directly with airlines, aircraft and avionics manufacturers to install the most advanced avionics and structures kits.
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